BACT/ALERT® Bottle: Blood Culture Collection - Direct Draw Method



This video describes the steps needed to collect and inoculate BACT/ALERT blood culture bottles using the direct draw procedure.

Steps Included:

  1. Have all the necessary supplies within reach
  2. Identify the patient
  3. Select and clean the venipuncture site
  4. Inspect bottles, mark the fill volumes and remove the flip-top and clean the septum
  5. Assemble the winged collection set
  6. Perform the venipuncture
  7. Collect the Aerobic bottle first, then the Anaerobic bottle and finally any additional tubes if required.
  8. Hold a gauze over the puncture site and remove the needle from the vein. Activate the safety device and discard the butterfly set into a sharps container.
  9. Invert the bottles 3-5 times
  10. Label with patient information
  11. Bandage patient arm
  12. Place bottles and tubes into a biohazard bag and transport to the lab.

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