Classroom Training, eLearning, Videos, & Print Materials

Here you can find all of the clinical VITEK 2 training resources, from self-guided eLearning to instructor-led training, as well as trouble-shooting videos and instrument guides.
VITEK 2 with Classroom Option    
VITEK 2 60/XL    
MYLA® Introduction    
VITEK 2 Systems Software VITEK 2 60/XL Test Card Setup VITEK 2 60/XL Maintenance Procedures
VITEK 2 Advanced Expert System: Consistent with Correction Results VITEK 2 AST Test Card Setup VITEK 2 Changing Saline 
VITEK 2 Advanced Expert System: Inconsistent Results VITEK 2 ID Test Card Setup VITEK 2 Optics Cleaning
VITEK 2 Changing Breakpoints VITEK 2 ID and AST Test Card Setup VITEK 2 Carousel Cleaning
Creating New Users and Security VITEK 2 Using the Smart Carrier Station VITEK 2 Boat Cleaning
Configuring Deduced Drugs VITEK 2 Loading Cassettes VITEK 2 Changing Pipette Tips
Entering New Card Lots into Inventory VITEK 2 60/XL Diagnostic Procedures VITEK 2 60/XL Miscellaneous Instrument Procedures
Exporting Data VITEK 2 Optics Diagnostic Test VITEK 2 User Interface
VITEK 2 Adding New Susceptibility Card Types VITEK 2 Card Transport Test Finding VITEK 2 Version Information
VITEK 2 and OBSERVA® Changing Time VITEK 2 Dispenser/Pipettor Test Card Transport System Failure
VITEK 2 Resolving Red Cassettes VITEK 2 COMPACT Instrument Procedures VITEK 2 COMPACT Test Card Setup
Printing an Instrument QC Report VITEK 2 COMPACT Test Card Setup Setting Up a Load and Go Cassette
Configuring Bench Names Naming the Instrument Setting Up QC on the VITEK 2 COMPACT
VITEK 2 COMPACT Changing Breakpoints VITEK 2 COMPACT Carousel Cleaning Setting Up a Virtual Cassette
Meaning of the Orange Icon with the Red Dot VITEK 2 COMPACT User Interface Miscellaneous 
Printing a Cumulative QC Report Shutting Down the Instrument Dispensette® Saline Sterility and Decontamination
VITEK 2 Resolving Qualified Isolates Cleaning the Instrument MYLA® 
OBSERVA®  Cleaning the Optics Login and Password Change
Adding New Susceptibility Card Types to OBSERVA  Scheduling Automatic Recording of Instrument QC Creating an Antibiogram
Room for Zero Backups Meaning of the Dancing Exclamation Point on the User Interface Creating Searches
Conflicting Data/Illegal Attempt to Change    
VITEK 2 and OBSERVA Changing Time